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Making full use of your Apache SOLR index

Finding great content with SOLR
Code & Development



Code & Development


Intermediate | Expert



Making full use of your Apache SOLR index

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Ubercart | views | Apache Solr | performance | panels

Apache SOLR is an emerging new technology to support all major Drupal site's powerful search. But it's not just searching that it does.

With Apache SOLR your site can do a lot more than just faceted searching fast and easy. You can use SOLR to power your Views, Panels, √úbercart and a lot of other stuff, with some new contrib modules.

But why? When doing high traffic, (a lot of content) sites, you'll need some other way to search for your stuff. MySQL will be busy doing other things. Basically, using SOLR will make your site scale a lot better. Apache SOLR is the requirement of most new high volume sites.

The session is partially based on the session presented in DrupalCamp Helsinki 2010.

What will be covered:

  • Basic principle of the ApacheSolr -module, that makes your existing Drupal site do faceted searching as easy as pie
  • Most popular contrib modules that make use of an existing SOLR index of your site's content
  • What your can do with SOLR with custom modules, when MySQL fails you performance-wise, or you just want your SOLR to do the searching for some reason



5. July 2010 - 7:30