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Pro-active Selenium testing with Drupal

Druplicon takes his selenium supplements twice daily. Do *you*?
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Pro-active Selenium testing with Drupal

5 minutes (lightning talk)



testing | framework | continuous | browser | javascript

Selenium is a testing framework which allows anyone - developers, designers, project managers or the client - to record user journeys in their browser and have those user journeys be replayable on anyone else's browser. It also supports whole suites of tests, automating in the browser and automating outside the browser using a dedicated testing server.

Selenium's a great choice for Drupal testing because so much of the functionality you or your client will want to build is browser-based. Also, with a few extra tweaks, Drupal can integrate very nicely with Selenium to produce robust tests.

I'll show how we use Selenium in house to write tests, run automated, highly visible test suites and even agree on bugs or expected behaviour. If there's time we'll also give our road map for Selenium and show how you can move to a completely continuous integration environment, with your codebase being tested 24/7.

If you tried Selenium two or three years ago and dismissed it as a curiosity, expect to be rather pleasantly surprised. If you've never used Selenium before, expect unalloyed and feverish excitement.


Is this really a 5 minutes

8. July 2010 - 0:35

Is this really a 5 minutes lightning talk ? Shouldn't it be a 45 minutes full talk?

I hope to do this in Pecha

8. July 2010 - 16:29

I hope to do this in Pecha Kucha style, so 15 slides, 20 seconds each, or something like that. I've also volunteered a much longer 45-minute session which will cover Drupal users, user personas, specs etc:

But I don't think there's really enough in this talk here for a full 45 minutes. If both talks get voted through then I'll make this one very Selenium-heavy and remove that from the 45-minute talk. But when I volunteered them I expected the 45-minute talk to maybe be voted down as "not Drupal enough!"